Monday, October 5, 2009

Now you can go shopping

If you have older married children, a gift idea for the family would be a large outdoor lighted Christmas figure, that they probably can’t afford this year. All small children love their plastic and fiberglass favorite figures with lights inside, such as Santa, Frosty the Snowman, or Rudolph the red nosed reindeer with bright shining nose. Also available are candy canes, elves, or cartoon characters just naming a few. The grandkids will love you for it, and your son or daughter will be so happy to have a special decoration for the yard, and a few more dollars for gifts.

One final touch

After you’ve made the final touches, you think your yard looks fabulous, but hey, maybe one more thing. So you buy one lighted figure of Santa or Rudolph for the benefit of the children in the family and in the neighborhood. That added touch is just what was needed to make the display complete and you’re ready when sundown arrives to see your beautiful outdoor Christmas lighting for the first time. When the family arrives after work you get glowing compliments on the job you’ve done. And you feel good knowing you have used energy efficient lighting for the environment.

Taking a look may mean adding more

When some of the display has been set up, step back to the street and look at what you’ve accomplished thus far. You’ll feel good about the fact that your home is beginning to look like a giant greeting card that reads, “Merry Christmas Everyone”. You might have the urge to add a little more, but be sure not to put an overwhelming amount of lighting in your front yard. Perhaps something like a couple of small reindeer with red bows on their necks and a spotlight. Energy conservation need not be a worry if you’ll be using LED lights.

What traditions do you treasure?

One of the most famous traditions is electric “candles in every window“, front, back and sides of the home. Displayed on the outside there is an appropriate sized wreath on each window either with small twinkling lights or just a large red bow that is emphasized by the accompanying lighting. Then in the front yard there may be one huge spotlight focused on the front door that also has a large, beautiful wreath hanging. To add a little extra festive look, the new LED lights can be wrapped around columns on the front porch or stone columns at the driveway.

Do you love to decorate with outdoor christmas lights?

Some people can’t wait to begin setting up their outdoor Christmas lighting. Are you among that cheerful group, that loves to see the lights switched on for the first time each year. It is a tradition with some people to ride around the different neighborhoods and enjoy the various themes that have been used to display their holiday spirit. Customarily, by the day after Thanksgiving the majority of holiday decorations are ready for display. This driving to see the lights is a tradition that brings good cheer to people’s hearts.